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Hansacatering OÜ, based on Estonian capital, has been operating in the catering business since 1999.


We aim at providing our clients with a high quality and professional catering service.


Tailored to the needs of each individual client, our approach allows us to deliver reasonable and flexible solutions.


Our long-term cooperation partners are Swedbank AS, Saint-Gobain Ehitustooted AS, Neste Eesti AS, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Eesti Energia AS, Elering OÜ, Leibur AS, Ergo AS, the Social Work Center, Espak AS, the Estonian Stockpiling Agency, Christmas Rose OÜ.


Hansacatering has five catering sites:






 Espak’s café


We also provide catering for conferences organized by Swedbank and Eesti Energia AS.



Contact information:


Company address: Viadukti 42, Tallinn, Estonia

e-mail address:  info@ hansacatering.ee

General manager: Lenne Uusna

Chief accountant: Marika Ostra

Espak’s café at Viadukti tee 42, phone +372 6748 204